I am the Lord's Servant

Mountains are Yearning

Merry Christmas! I hope you are enjoying December and not allowing yourself to be distracted by so many things that you forget the reason for the season. I hope you enjoy this devotional.


Read Luke 1:26-56.


I love this passage: Mary, at the moment something tremendously difficult and extremely confusing is asked of her, responds with, “I am the Lord’s servant.” Wow! What boldness, huge courage, and major faith! I believe this task wasn’t easier for Mary, just because she was chosen. Instead, it was just as hard for Mary as it would’ve been for anybody else. Think of all she was saying “yes” to. She was saying yes to the ridicule, yes to the shame, yes to the possibility of being stoned. She was even running the risk of her own family not believing her, “Oh yeah, Mary, you want us to believe you were visited by an angel and that the Holy Spirit did this to you... do you think we were born yesterday? How could you do this to Joseph?”


As you read the passage, you see that the angel is giving her confirmation after confirmation that what he is saying is true. It’s going to happen. Even so, any young lady would’ve fought it and said, “Surely you’re mistaken, I believe you have me mixed up with the Mary down the road....” Yet she didn’t, she accepted.


That is the reason I love her statement so much - because of the word she used: servant. You see a servant doesn’t get an opinion, a servant doesn’t get to have choices. The servant’s only job is to say, “Yes,” and then fulfill or accomplish their duty.


If only we believers would live our lives in the same way. Willing to step up and be bold; commit to things we know are right, stop allowing excuses or laziness get in the way of better serving our God, allowing God’s Word to direct and guide us without assuming we have a choice to do otherwise. Our only response, as believers to God’s instructions, in word and deed should be, “I am the Lord’s servant.”