Ezekiel 16:1-59 might be one of the most difficult passages to read in all the Bible. Go ahead, give it a look. The words used to describe the people in these verses is pointed and strong. These describe a people who are dirty, sinful and adulterous people. They are words that describe you and that describes me before a holy God. This should serve as a stark reminder for us to remember where we stand before God. God is the faithful groom who has never wavered and continually loved His bride, and we are the adulterous bride chasing whatever our heart desires. Ultimately, we do not deserve Him. 

Thankfully, the passage does not stop there. Verse 60 starts with the phrase “Nevertheless.” It is a powerful transition from the first fifty-nine verses.  All of the descriptors in those verses are true; nevertheless... God declares He will remember His covenant. What is that covenant? In Exodus 19:6 God tells Moses that His people will become a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. The first fifty-nine verses do not sound like the deeds of a priest, and certainly not becoming of a holy nation. Nevertheless…..

God is saying this: Even though you are not a holy people; nevertheless, I will make you holy. Though you deserve evil; nevertheless, I will give you good. Though you deserve the curse; nevertheless, I will give you blessings. Because of your rebellion, you deserve death; nevertheless, I will not destroy you but instead give you life. God looked on me and was not content with me being the first fifty-nine verses. He died the death I deserve killing my sin and overcoming death in the resurrection. I am depraved and evil; nevertheless, by the blood of His Son, I am made righteous.

How do we see this reality today? 1 Peter 2:9 tells us that we (the Church) are a chosen people, a holy priesthood. Because we are covered with the blood of Jesus and that has made us righteous. We need to remember the nevertheless. For this, my friends is Good News.